The Miserable Mr. Meme Meets the Mainstream

Once upon a time a long time ago,
in a time where time was better understood,
there lived a thought…
well several really, but they liked to roam in groups.

The cross and the switchblade…

But I digress…

This writer from the abyss,
this aborted child,
this cancer on your brain,
she decided to come back again…

He decided to first scope the scene,
from behind dead eyes we watched the screen.
When they were ready, he presented herself.
Soon they were anywhere and everywhere,
Pieces of ourselves, ignored until now…
Now impossible to misplace,
though we know not from where they came,
They were here in our absence again.


So, there is a story behind this one. It differs some from the usual looking things like this that I draw but there is a reason for that. Last night I had a pretty odd dream that left me pretty shaken. It took me a good 30 to 45 minutes to get back to sleep afterward. I am not one to normally be too affected by dreams emotionally beyond the introspection they can inspire, but this was different. I woke up in the middle of the night from it, and it took me a few minutes to gather myself. Unfortunately, I wish I would have had it together enough to have immediately checked the clock because by the time I did it was 3:40. I am curious if I had been able to have checked it immediately, I suspect it would have been 3:33. Anyway, there were three characters in the dream besides myself and Zoe. I think this is a bang on representation of them. The only thing that is missing is that while they had this dark organic look to them, they somehow strangely shimmered with a white glow….