I would like to make a short film. Well, really I would like to make a scene.

We find our protagonist on a busy downtown street. She looks around and the camera catches a few random acts of annoyances… but only if you are paying attention. As the hustle and bustle slowly accelerates, the white noise begins to intensify. As the sounds of the hustle and bustle grow louder, the camera begins to zoom and zero in on our hero’s face. The sound becomes akin to a scream as the camera focuses on the eyes of our lady who violently shuts them… and all sound stops.

She slowly opens her eyes and finds herself on that same street, only now it is deserted. Perhaps some garbage silently, gently tosses and turns with the breeze. As her eyes open a peaceful melody slowly creeps into the atmosphere. She looks around, slightly confused as the screen fades to black.


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