Zoe Dru’s School Reading Week Project, 2011

Zoe had done a design of wha she wanted to do so we got all the supplies together. She wanted to make something that was a third book, a third alien and a third robot to fit the Blast Off to Space and Beyond theme this year.

Zoe designed the main page of the book that it would be open to.

The second “hidden” page was alien writing. The rest were blank.

As I helped her “form” the robot with cardboard, she wrapped it in a metalic green wrapping paper to give it an alien metal look.

All done except for the feet and the arms.

We wound up needing to run to the store to figure something out for the feet.

This will become our alien robot feet!

Need to paint them green of course…

Oops, they are too big. We cut them down and repainted the cut areas.

Our alien, robot book is finished!


3 thoughts on “Zoe Dru’s School Reading Week Project, 2011

  1. Adorable! My hat goes off to you as an artist and as a single dad…it’s quite evident how much your daughter means to you and the time and love shared. I know it’s hard to follow your dream of becoming a full-time artist with these responsibilities, but hang tight to those dreams…stranger things have happened! And you always have your very unique artistic tendencies to share with your daughter, which seems to be the most important thing…doesn’t it?

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