A Day in the Life…

Zoe Dru and I had a fun, easy going day today. We woke up early and practiced our telekinesis. Zoe figured it was just easier to use her hands. :p

Then we headed off to Grandma’s house….

Then we planted our flowers in our flower pots…

Zoe was pretty stoked when she found a heart shaped Chicken Nuggets…

She had been watching a lot of Howdini on YouTube and showed me what she wanted to do today.

I’m an OK cook, but not a baker by any means. I figured we’d give it a go anyway… First, she picked out a Barbie and wrapped it in cling wrap.

Then came the baking. That’s when we discovered that she cannot crack two eggs at the same time.

Don’t forget to lick the bowl! :p

We successfully baked the cakes.

We DIDN’T however, successfully get them out of the pans. 😦

Zoe took full advantage of the near disaster…. eating all the excess I created trying to reshape the broken cake.

After some careful cutting to save the project, it was time to ice! So, we decided what colour the dress would be and used food colouring to colour the icing.

Then we started building the dress…

And iced it up…

We wound up with a lot of excess bits of cake once we had the dress created…

After letting it chill, it was time to clean it up a bit and add the doll…

And then she went to town decorating the dress and adding icing to create the upper portion of it….

While it took most the afternoon, it turned out pretty cool and she had a blast doing it.

We definitely needed a rest after that!

Then I made a really good pasta in a bolognese sauce….

I fried up bacon, onion and garlic in oil…

I set that aside and browned some ground beef and then added the onion, garlic and bacon… as well as basil, oregano, ragu, pepper and chicken stock and simmered it for a while…

While that simmered I cooked some noodles to go with the sauce and then added the celery and yellow peppers to the sauce…

Then we ate!

I think I cleaned my kitchen about a gajillion times today. :-/

Oh yeah, then after we played for a bit and Zoe had a bath and went to bed, I spent hours trying to get my computer to recognize my iPhone as a camera in order to import these pictures. Interestingly, the iPhone didn’t like there being any pictures on it that weren’t taken via the camera. Just one more dumb thing about that phone… -_-


7 thoughts on “A Day in the Life…

  1. Well – that was a really full day.

    If you had let the cake be completely cold – it would have come out of the pan in one piece. It was too fresh – that’s why it broke. Often when doing something like that – you make the cake in the morning and then remove it in the evening.

  2. i love this post. Zoe Dru is so adorable and sweet and beautiful.
    You are a good daddy. 🙂

    I’ve made a few of these cakes in my day. Go Barbie!

  3. This is a fantastic post. You and Zoe making that cake together is the best thing EVER. Hmmm…my birthday isn’t too far away…gives me an idea for a macabre take on it…*evil grin*

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