I am WAY less competitive than you, biatch!

Today someone told me about something weird. They spoke of some ice sculpture event happening soon. Apparently, they give a number of ice sculpturists 3 days to sculpt something out of equal sized blocks of ice and then choose a winner… the best artist of the bunch!!! Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but no respectable artist would enter such nonsense. Does that not defeat the entire purpose of art? Isn’t art about an individual’s exploration of a concept or of oneself? There is no competitive spirit in true art. There is a will to grow, evolve and improve but that is not competition.

Now factor in all this one-up-man-ship with who’s doing what for Haiti… Don’t get me wrong. It’s a very tragic thing and those people there need every ounce of help they can get.  It’s so sad to see the images of destruction and broken people suffering from an “act of god.” Acts of something unquantifiable aside, I take much more fault in screaming out your acts of goodwill than doing nothing at all. Even worse, condemning those on an individual level that you feel are not doing enough.

I find it interesting that those incapable of doing what they should quietly, void of any public back patting cannot fathom the idea that some do these things quietly, not for public approval. I find it obvious that these people also lack the perspective to realize that many in their own backyard are facing some serious issues on their own and would love to do what they can but maybe it is simply donating some outgrown shoes… or perhaps they are so worried about losing their home, or where their next meal is coming from that they can only offer a prayer. Yet there is Mr. Dudley Doright lambasting them in generalized statements as a means to further position themselves as some in touch, caring and righteous individual to anyone who will listen.

In tragedy, do what you can to help… quietly. Do it because it’s right… and for no other reason. Downplay your acts of goodwill because if you are capable of doing something and you do it, it is not some great act… it’s merely proper. Also, realize that what you do is not a measuring stick for what anyone else should be doing either. You are not your brother’s keeper, you are your own.

Who knows…. maybe all this bullshit Olympics, Roman mind game crap is making this evermore apparent to me… Too much of our society today is based on competition when we should be focusing on cooperation. That’s the source of real progress. Hell, maybe it’s ME who should be called into check. I just see how we are so quick to compete with everyone around us when we should only be trying to compete with the individual we were yesterday.


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