There is a killer among us…

So, I had my first death in the salt water aquarium. I found the angel dead, but weirdly stuck in a hole in the largest live rock.


Well, silly me… I never found it odd that it was fairly difficult to pull it out of the hole in the rock. I managed to get it out with some tweezers though and thought all was normal.

Then we noticed that one of the usually purple and yellow fish was now black where he used to be purple. This raised a few flags so I scanned the aquarium for anything odd after testing the levels in the tank to find them all normal.

After feeding them, and watching some more, I noticed something grabbing at the food from inside the hole I had found the Angel in much like when I noticed the peanut worm under the smaller live rock. The big difference here was that whatever was in there was HUGE! After my partner in the investigation was done screaming I decided to call the pet store in hopes that someone was still there. He was like, “kill it! Get it out of there!!!”

Being my skeptical self, and not into killing animals, I searched the web for alternatives. Sadly, there were none. It had to be captured and pulled from the tank asap.

I didn’t want to rummage around in the tank with tweezers, so I decided to remove the live rock for the retrieval…




And here’s the culprit…


A rock crab!

So now I have this creepy red eyed, white tooth little cutie in a ice cream bucket. I haven’t the heart to kill him, but nowhere to keep him. Ugh, what do I do?!? Zoe has a little hermit crab tank, but it seems too big to warrant keeping him in there as I haven’t extra gear to keep him comfortably. 😦



At least Dargoo survived unharmed. Phew!



The cat was getting antsy so I wound up coming up with this for the night. I feel bad though as there is no airstone or anything for oxygenating the water or creating air flow. 😦




2 thoughts on “There is a killer among us…

    • Yeah, I since upgraded to a 50 gallon tank and have about 15 or so crabs captured and in the smaller one. In the 50 gallon tank, there is all new fish as nobody survived my first go at a salt water tank. This new batch seem to be doing well though. It’s been quite a learning curve that is for sure.

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