A Kid Version of Squid Dinner…

OK, so first things first, @darylcognito posted this on Twitter and I instantly knew my daughter and I would have to try it.


So, we made a version of it for supper… just a little more kid friendly. We went with the idea of squids with their eggs. Do squids even lay eggs?!? I have no idea…

First off, we got the water on the stove with a little oil and lightly salted it…




Then, we sliced the hot dogs into smaller lengths, broke the spaghetti noodles in half, and stuck them into the now sliced wieners.




Then we threw them in the water, cooked some peas and made a little garlic bread to go along with the dinner.




Luckily we used a big pot. This meant as the hot dogs cooked, they tended to float which allowed the noodles to hang down with lots of room to boil nicely separated from each other.


Then as they finished boiling, we began plating…


All in all, the dinner was a huge success! My daughter preferred her noodles lightly glazed with butter.



UPDATE: Zoe Dru did a “classier” version the other night…



5 thoughts on “A Kid Version of Squid Dinner…

  1. Awesome! Very kid-friendly. I love how Zoe likes to demonstrate. She will remember this for life, and you documented it. So impressed. =]

  2. Absolutely FABulous! Both the “squid” and especially the happiness you shared with your daughter. My daughter has children of her own now, and is passing along the joy we had cooking and baking together. {I’m fortunate enough to get to cook and bake with them, too.} It’s one of life’s simple pleasures that will last your and her whole life through.

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